Eroticized Spirituality

A zealous Orthodox apologist describes “Why (he thinks) Orthodoxy is the true faith.” Along the way he makes some insightful criticisms of the eroticized and narcissistic spirituality of certain popular saints. I think he’s on to something. Lee Podles also discussed such things in his book, The Church Impotent.

One thought on “Eroticized Spirituality

  1. Respectfully, anyone willing to attack “eroticized spirituality” ought to begin by attacking the erotic undertones in the entire metaphor of God taking His people as His bride (cf., Rev.; Jn. 14; interp. of Song of Sol.), which is explicitly** sexual (Eph. 5:31-32; Hos. 2), and in which we all participate. Erotic imagery or analogy is fair game in the Christian tradition. Saints adapting it express their personal experience of this communal reality.

    (Of course, I am sure if I read long enough, the same writers who puritanically denounce “eroticism” in medieval Catholic metaphor, will then criticize Catholicism for some “medieval, unbalanced rejection of sex.” …right.)

    As for charges of “narcisissm,” drawn from selected quotes… once again, an individual is attempting to judge the mind and heart of another. These criticisms are more worthy of the Pharisees. This is what is wrong about too many sectors of Christianity. What possesses someone to spend an entire article criticizing others’ spiritual experiences, charge them with character defects, and slander entire sectors of the Church thereby (applying selected quotes to “Catholicism” at large)?

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