Today at the Gym

I never thought I’d walk into a gym and have people gushing on my appearance. I’ve been working out about two months now, and have dropped from 220 to 196. I hadn’t seen the personal trainer who had set me up on my program for about ten days, or one of the desk workers, and they both were at the desk when I arrived today. He said he’s never seen anyone do so well on this program. They were very congratulatory.

I do 20-30 minutes of cardio and then a circuit of different machines, progressively adding weight and reducing time between sets.

But I’ve also been watching my diet. I’ve cut out refined grains, boosted fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts, cut out soda and candy (except for a dark chocolate once a week or so), reduced the amount I eat at each meal, reduced fat and eggs. I have some fish and, after workouts, have a protein shake with some fruit added to it. No fast food. No red meat. Lots of water.

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