Catholic Church Accused of Backpedaling on Relations with Jews

Back in 2002, the USCCB Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs issued “Reflections on Covenant and Mission,” which looked at the current state of Jewish-Catholic dialogue. Some controversy ensued, and the document was yanked from the USCCB webpage. Now, that USCCB committee (with new members and staff) and the Committee on Doctrine, have issued “A Note on Ambiguities Contained in Reflections on Covenant and Mission” (press release). The ADL has issued a response; they fear that the Catholic Church is backpedaling on advances in interfaith relations.  The document was also discussed at a recent meeting of Catholic and Orthodox Jewish representatives.

One thought on “Catholic Church Accused of Backpedaling on Relations with Jews

  1. Making interreligious dialogue perhaps more difficult than it need be, those of us interested in the religious domain tend to miss the obvious: that we share an interest in the same domain. Our intra-domain differences, I submit, are dwarfed by the distance from our planet to others…such as the planet of the stock market enthusists. For more, if you are interested, pls see my post.

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