Greeks: “The Heresy of Ecumenism”

Touchstone‘s “Mere Comments” posts an ENI story on hostility to ecumenism recently manifested by some clergy within the Greek Orthodox communion.

“The only way our communion with heretics can be restored is if they renounce their fallacy and repent,” the group said in a “Confession of Faith against Ecumenism” that they circulated recently.

“The Orthodox church is not merely the true church; she is the only church. She alone has remained faithful to the Gospel, the synods and the fathers, and consequently she alone represents the true catholic church of Christ,” says the document.

A group of Orthodox clergy in Greece, led by three senior archbishops, have published a manifesto pledging to resist all ecumenical ties with Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Don’t try talking to them about it:¬† they “avoid communication with those who innovate on matters of the Faith.”

They are especially upset about Roman Catholicism: “We proclaim that Papism is the womb of heresies and fallacies.” Among the “heresies” they decry (besides those which Protestants would join them in condemning) is the use of unleavened bread in the Eucharist (hmmm … I think Jesus is to blame for that one) and the use of musical instruments in worship (I think David is to blame for those).

4 thoughts on “Greeks: “The Heresy of Ecumenism”

  1. Well, I’m Eastern Orthodox, and I’m totally embarassed by this “confession” put out by some of the clergy. Just wanted you to know that not all Orthodox are ultra-fundamentalists like this.

    • I know (I have had many friends who are Orthodox pries)–but I’m grateful to you for underlining that point for those who don’t!

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