The Calvin Quincentenary

Tomorrow is the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. Geneva is hosting a quincentenary conference which has completed it’s fourth day. Some samples (the blogger was clearly typing fast):

“Piety in godliness is the result of attendance at public worship, preaching and the sacraments. It is meaningless to speak of righteousness without religion of which public worship is the highest expression. To avoid or neglect this is spiritual theft.” (wording not exact, but my notes from Clark.)

On the place of the sermon in the liturgy of the sevice [sic], “There is a doxological intention in preaching. Preaching is both an answer and a call to prayer. The word is an answer to prayer and the prayer is an answer to the word. The sacrament is like a signature on a letter or a seal on a charter. That is why the sacrament should [not] be administered without preceding word. Without the word preceding the sign, the sign has no meaning.” (wording not exacdt [sic], but my notes from Olds.)