“Jesus Killed Mohammed”

That horrible phrase is the title of Jeff Sharlet’s current cover story in Harper’s. Allegedly, some soldiers had it written in Arabic on their vehicle. The story, which you can read at the newsstand, is about what he calls, “The crusade for a Christian military.” Yes, there are some problems. But he really gives an incomplete picture. He suggests that there were denominational quotas for chaplains until 1987, when, supposedly, all Protestants became “Protestant.” Well, no. The military did retain the old “Protestant/Catholic/Jew” labels until around then (lumping Eastern Orthodox with Protestants!), but Protestant chaplains remain Protestant chaplains, regardless of their denomination. Now there are Muslim and Buddhist chaplains, too. And no, they didn’t get rid of denominational quotas–but the military did have to face the reality that the priest shortage among Catholics and the anti-military stance of the liberal Protestant clergy meant that their slots were never filled. Still aren’t. They don’t want units to go without chaplains, so of course they are then going to accept those who are available. Even with that, only 50% of chaplain slots in the National Guard are filled in some states.

2 thoughts on ““Jesus Killed Mohammed”

  1. This amounts to berating the firefighters because they came in a yellow truck, not a red one, to put out the fire.

    Do you want the building to burn?

    Religious fundamentalism, whether voiced by Islamists or Christians is NOT spiritual – it is HATEful. Any defence of this behaviour is sanctimonius obscenity.

    • Your comment is a non sequitur.

      What, precisely, amounts to berating firefighters over the color of a truck?

      What “defence of this behaviour” are you talking about?

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