Newsweek and Religion

Secular authors tend not to understand any variety of religion. I think this article in Newsweek, “Two Pastors Haunted by Columbine,” is a good example of this. Lisa Miller and Matthew Philipps try to make this a liberal/conservative thing. It isn’t. It’s about how to minister in a time of crisis. Of course a minister working with the family of a killer is in a different situation than a minister working with the victims and their families. Of course both are going to preach the gospel–that’s a pastor’s job at all times.

The authors don’t explain why the pastor of the Klebolds would “get in trouble” for caring for them. This article notes he went on a planned sabbatical right afterwards–and the church felt abandoned. Marxhausen admits it was “stupid.” This article notes there were other tensions. And this one quotes church leaders as saying the issues surrounding his leaving had nothing to do with the tragedy, that the church supported fully the way he reached out to the family.

This article from 1999 talks about Dylan Klebold’s funeral.