Catholic Evangelism

Catholics are celebrating the fact that 150,000 people will be received into the Catholic church or return this Easter.

According to CARA, there are 18,479 Catholic parishes in the US. That averages 8 new Catholics or returnees per parish.

There are 64,000,000 Catholics in the US. That’s an average of 3,463 members per parish. Those 3,463 members could only persuade 8 people to join or return? Sad, any way you look at it.

7 thoughts on “Catholic Evangelism

  1. … and statistics. Averages are never a good guide. A lot of rural parishes that do not even have a priest are included … parishes in overwhelmingly Catholic neighborhoods are included, ethnic parishes are included. Most of those parishes do not even have RCIA programs. Some parishes and diocese will have official programs. Many of these are talking shops. Many are sad but others are hugely successful. Give credit to those are successful.

    • A parish that’s considered successful may get 20 baptisms and professions of faith at Easter. And it may have 3000 families.

  2. The problem is that too many of us consider evangelization to be a “program” or an activity of the parish, instead of a calling to each of us to tell others about Who we’ve met.

  3. At my parish this Easter, we will have 20 baptisms and 70 professions of faith. Parish about 3000 families.

    And Bill, you know we don’t go out and try to persuade people. It’s hard to find two Catholics who agree on what forms evangelization should take, let alone go out and actually do it.

    • Well you’re in that parish. A former chair of the archdiocesan evangelization commission. See, what a difference you’ve made! 😉

  4. Yup, thanks. And now the only other person I ever agreed with on that commission is now pitching for another team!

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