Confusion about Guadalupe?

California Catholic Daily says Hillary Clinton is confused about “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” It seems she asked who painted the image. This isn’t “confusion”–it simply reflects, first of all, the fact that Protestants don’t accept the uniquely Catholic idea that Mary has a special role that includes  going around appearing to people asking them to build churches. It also was in keeping  (though Hillary doubtless didn’t know it)  with lots that has been published, by Catholic (including the former rector of the basilica, Guillermo Schulenburg) and non-Catholic scholars, demonstrating that the image is, in fact, a forgery.

Now, she did indicate confusion on another level. She went ahead and lighted a candle anyway, and then went out and told people, “You have a marvelous virgin!” That’s confusion. And should the Secretary of State really be visiting a religious shrine in the first place? And should she ask a question that, while being a good question, is a bit of an insult to the devotees? That’s a different matter.

6 thoughts on “Confusion about Guadalupe?

  1. I think Hilary’s comments betray ignorance, not confusion. I can’t believe that she would visit this shrine, which she has apparently visited in the past as well, and make such idiotic statements.

  2. Over the past five centuries, people from all parts of Europe, not just Spain, have immigrated to Latin American countries. German influences in Mexico are not just evident in surnames, but also in the fine beers (ever hear of Bohemia?), cheeses, and, most notably, the music (accordion-based conjunto) of the northern states. Watch a film of Mexico’s Golden Age some time and notice the number of German surnames among the credits.

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