Mark Kellner writes in the Adventist Review of the Montana plane crash.

Pro-life activist Gingi Edmonds writes about Bud Feldkamp, the dentist whose family was killed. I think his “investments” shocking and scandalous–but I find the article itself a tragedy, as well.

Update: Alex Carpenter writes to say,

“Bill, you seem to intimate that this is not the time to discuss abortion given this tragic loss. I agree.

But then why did you link to (draw attention to) an article that does precisely what isn’t appropriate right now?

Think about what a family member would experience seeing a pastor in their community directing folks to this random, factually-flawed story politicizing their loss.”

If it is factually flawed, then perhaps Spectrum should have a reporter write it’s own article about this Adventist dentist who owns a chain of abortion mills.

Politicizing? The article is pointing out the contrast between a man grieving for his own loss while contributing in a major way to the loss of the children of other parents. This isn’t “politicizing,” it’s asking us to come to terms with the horror of one of the greatest crimes of human history, the wholesale slaughter of the innocent. I disagree with the author in this: I don’t think God is using a plane crash to teach him a lesson. But if he learns a lesson from it, and values human life as a result, that would be a good thing. If not … a higher tribunal awaits.

16 thoughts on “Tragedies

  1. Had God made male able to be pregnant, abortion would have never been an issue of discussion. It would have been considered a routine checkups or removing of a wart.

    • Sadly, that’s how abortion proponents regard it. That’s their perspective of this innocent human life. That’s their low regard of this wondrous gift of God.

      But every parent that looks in awe at the first ultrasound of their baby knows the truth.

  2. Careful Bill!!!… Careful.
    You might have surprises in this life!…
    Careful with your judgmental attitude!!…

    • Judgmental attitude? To say that killing an innocent, helpless human life is wrong? To remind people that it IS an innocent, helpless human life, and not “fetal tissue” as Planned Barrenhood obfuscates?

  3. How sad that we’re taking a family’s horrific tragedy to advance a judgmental, accusatory and legalistic agenda. This is the type of Adventism that we should shun. God is love, to all people, all the time.

    I’m pro-life as well but I think that the notion that God brought judgment on these people because of their connections to the pro-choice movement is far from the truth.

    What if God were to bring judgment right now because of our self-righteous, ‘hollier-than-thou attitudes that are so offensive to a Holy God?

    God is extremely patient as his “remnant” sometimes act as spoiled, self-righteous brats who don’t care about showing God’s love and mercy.

    • And what mercy is shown to the 49,551,703 children murdered in the United States since Roe v. Wade was legalized?

      Here’s the liberal hypocrisy. A liberal finds no problem being judgmental and accusatory towards those who believe in treasuring and protecting life. But should someone say, “This is life, and you’ve taken it, and you are profiting from it unjustly”–suddenly, that is “judgmental and accusatory.”

      A liberal who condemns poverty and racism and war is “being prophetic.”

      Someone who condemns the slaughter of the innocent is “judgmental and accusatory.”

      God is patient–but his patience will not endure forever. Yes, he is merciful–for those who repent and seek him now.

      In the meantime, lots of “spoiled, self-righteous brats” would rather point their own fingers, acting as judges (while parsing Greek to call others judgmental, in some cases).

      God is patient. He is loving. May those who slaughter the innocent see the horror of their deeds done for profit against the innocent objects of that love, and repent.

  4. Yes Bill, I think you’re right, just the timing of the whole discussion might have been poor.

    Abortion is one of the signs of the times no doubt, a sign that the Lamb is starting to speak as a Dragon by legalizing death when convenient.

    It’s also a sign that America is on the brink of moral and social collapse, a pre-requisite for the end.

    Let’s continue to fight it in the right spirit, of Love, not of hate, because nothing is valid without love (Paul).

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