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    • I’m not sure what it really means. Most of my answers tended toward the middle. A lot of the issues I really don’t care about. And there were some for which I took an extreme progressive stance.

  1. More interesting is how an individual score compares to particular groups, McCain voters, 169, Obama voters, 244! Catholics, 210.8, Baptists, 196.4. High School or less 206.4, post graduate education, 227. Those who get their news from blogs (other than Twitch upon the Thread) 221.
    I can’t say I always trust surveys like this, the questions can be loaded not to mention how the data is collated and calculated. It’s a bit like the question, “Mr Brown, have you stopped beating your wife?”. Not a US citizen of course but I took the survey and scored 187!

  2. Yeah, I think these quizes are a little skewed and loaded. I doubt that I’m more conservative than a Baptist!

    On another note, my brother-in-law (who can get quite passionate about his politics) scored a 103.

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