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  1. I was forced to do CPE about ten years ago. I went to a Catholic hospital on the East Coast. The worst part was the “IPRs,” sessions several times a week when we had to “share” and critique each other. Fortunately, our group was older, and didn’t put up with Sister supervisor’s manipulations. The pastoral staff at the hospital, several religious and priests, didn’t know enough about the Catholic faith (or knew it and deliberately rejected it) to teach us how to do an emergency baptism. They instructed us to do a non-trinitarian “naming ceremony.” I told supervisor I couldn’t do an invalid baptism, and that I wondered if the bishop, when he found out about it, would order the hospital to find all those baptized invalidly and baptize them validly. Suddenly, the policy changed! The invalid formula was removed and replaced with a real Christian formula. The highlight of the summer for the supervisor was our enneagram workshop. What a bunch of New Age hooey!
    I say get rid of CPE for Catholic seminarians.

  2. I did mine in a Methodist hospital, one that regularly preformed surgical abortion. I was in a group with a middle aged Episcopalian lady (really sweet) and two Vietnamese seminarian, there was one other Catholic seminarian! It was a mess. I passed by Walter Reed last Monday, are they closing it down?
    CPE may be beneficial if it teaches priests to open up and share, even f it is with other priests. The priesthood is in pretty bad shape because there is a complete lack of intimacy in most priests lives, I speak from experience. If CPE is not the right way then another must be found. Ennegrams & chackras need to be dumped.

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