One thought on “Oh, Poor Vatican!

  1. I agree that the appeal to international law appears as a kind of smoke screen. Plainly speaking, the Vatican should simply not dispose of these treasures, which bear in them the cultural and pious history of much of Christendom. In that sense, they belong to all of us as Christians because they are part of our past. The Vatican, as of yet, is not simply a historical relic, but that does not mean it is not a living testament to our past (especially for Catholics, though not only so).

    How many people, here in Canada, are asking that the government sell off the Museum of Civilization and invest the outcome in the welfare program or health care? How many people who tirelessly criticize Catholicism on this point are willing to liquidate culture for the sake of the poor, or argue that artists, poets and authors should get a job that is really conductive to good?

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