That Connecticut Proposal

William Donohue and Catholic bloggers are denouncing a bill before the Connecticut legislature as “anti-Catholic bigotry.” It isn’t. Those pushing for it are active Catholics who are outraged that a priest, single-handedly, was able to abscond with $1.4 million. MSNBC has the details.

McDonald told the Connecticut Post that the immediate push behind the bill was what he called the worst case of financial mismanagement in a Connecticut Catholic parish. A priest in Darien was convicted of stealing up to $1.4 million from lay donations, he said. There is also another investigation in Greenwich.

He said constituents, who felt victimized by the events at St. John Church in Darien, as well as other Catholic faithful throughout the diocese asked him to help.

Thomas Gallagher, a Greenwich Catholic, is credited for the idea behind the proposed bill, which amends the corporation statute, the New Haven Register reports.

Gallagher, who graduated from Catholic University Law School, he said the critics have it all wrong.

“This is incredibly respectful of the Catholic faith. This is a pro-priest proposal that spreads the legal responsibility for a parish with lay members, rather than putting it on the shoulders of one person (the pastor,)” Gallagher told the newspaper.

These laity are tired of clericalism. It’s their money–they want to protect it.

So stop whining about “anti-Catholicism,” folks. It isn’t. Instead, maybe the bishops should start listening to the people. This is an internal feud.

But isn’t that how we lose liberties? In the midst of passion, we call for help from the wrong sources. We are willing to compromise what seem at the moment to be intangibles.

The bill is wrong, and should be opposed, but not because it is “anti-Catholic.” The separation of church and state is more important. If only the bishops would see that this principal also forbids state aid to their public schools. See, there’s the real problem. When it suits them, they want state interference. When it doesn’t, they scream, “anti-Catholic bigotry!”