Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, says SSPX Bishop Williamson may not enter any Catholic church in the archdiocese. And he wants the world to know it.

But consider a moment. Williamson has committed no crimes punishable in the state of California. He has expressed no intention of visiting California. But he’s being told that if he were to do so, he would not be able to attend mass as a private person, nor could he visit any pilgrimage or historical site in the archdiocese.

Mahony is even saying he’s not a member of the Catholic church, and can’t become one.

But he is a Catholic. The Vatican recognizes that. The Vatican doesn’t excommunicate people who aren’t members, in the first place, and when someone’s excommunication is lifted that returns them to communion.

Mahony is just grand-standing.

6 thoughts on “Mahony

  1. Bill, we have all seen the state of the church in California, the ministry conferences etc, does Mahony, believe, for a nano second that a traditionalist would want to enter a L.A. Catholic Church?
    Has Mahony issued similar writs against any of the priests in his diocese who have been convicted of raping children?
    In either case it would be inappropriate, a church is God’s house, not the house of some pompous prince. If anyone sincerely wants to enter a church they should be free. This is disgusting, I never thought I could be more appalled by Mahony, this just takes the biscuit …

  2. I just read the article, 2 more points,
    1. Mahony is complaining that a bishop is not complying with a Vatican directive …. I fell off my seat laughing.
    2. Mahony is making a special pilgrimage to Israel … way to go there Rodger the dodger, have you made an effort to meet victims of abuse? Do you think there will be TV cameras on that trip?

    • He will fly first class, accompanied by Tod Tamberg, who will direct the placement of the cameras and keep away reporters who ask real questions.

  3. Isn’t true, though, that by necessity (must keep legs elevated for long flights) Cardinal Mahony has to fly first class?

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