Happy Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day–it was March 2, 1836, that respresentatives of Texas towns meeting at Washington-on-the-Brazos signed the Declaration of Independence.  Stephen F. Austin had tried to work within the system, but General Santa Anna abandoned the 1824 Constitution and imposed a dictatorship, leading to the rebellion of several states, including Texas. They gathered under primitive conditions–the building dubbed “Independence Hall” wasn’t finished, and lacked doors and windows. But they didn’t do a lot of deliberation. They arrived on the 1st, and approved the declaration without much debate on the 2nd. There was no time to waste–the Alamo had been under seige since February 23. It would fall on March 6. On March 19 James Fannin and the defenders surrendered–on March 27 they were massacred by Santa Anna’s soldiers. On April 21, Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto, securing Texas independence.

We celebrated by going up to Washington-on-the-Brazos yesterday for the annual festivities.  Each year the numbers seem to dwindle.