3 thoughts on “Failed Social Experimentation in Britain

    • I’ve been following that in the tabloids. Half a dozen other boys think they might be the father. The entitlement culture in Britain is being blamed. Imagine, parents letting boyfriends sleep over and share the bed of a girl. Split families. Bored kids. No sense of right or wrong.

  1. Disgusting, of course the tabloids are paying for the stories, why else would a 16 year old, who could face prosecution admit to raping a girl? Ireland is just behind the UK in teenage pregnancies, the European countries that have no entitlements have the lowest teenage pregnancies (then again abortion is also outlawed in Ireland). By far the best commentary I have read so far is by Mary Kenny, if you are interested in a commentator on British affairs you could do worse than one time feminist Mary Kenny http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/sexualised-children-taught-to-do-what-comes-natrelly-1641020.html). he money has to come from somewhere, taxpayers of course, what muggs we are!

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