The Pope and Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is on her way to Rome, and some shrill voices are demanding that the pope excommunicate her. Among them, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, of Human Life International. It ain’t gonna happen.

Failed Social Experimentation in Britain

Atrocious lessons and daily bullying…why I won’t send my children to a state school, by William Miller, son of opera director Sir Jonathan Miller, who had thought it a good thing to send his kids to state schools (what we call “public” schools in the US)–and lived to regret it.


Happy George Washington’s Birthday! That’s the name of the federal holiday that’s celebrated today. Some states, including Texas, have opted to call the state holiday something else. Texas calls it President’s Day–Singular possessive. Merchants, never much interested in either history or grammar, have called it “Presidents’ Day,” because they like all the presidents … as…