Baptists Celebrating Evolution

Ethics Daily reports on Baptist churches that are celebrating “Evolution Weekend.”

One of the Baptist churches participating in Evolution Weekend will be First Baptist Church of Kansas City, Mo. Rev. Douglas Valentine told in an e-mail that later this month the church will hear from Dr. Mary Haskins, professor of evolution and biology at Rockhurst University and “a life-long person of faith in Christ.” He is encouraging his congregants to come to learn “how a professor of evolution and active believer in Christ, understands our God, self, and this world over which we are to be good stewards.”

Another Baptist church that will take part in Evolution Weekend is University Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Rev. Larry Bethune outlined several reasons his congregation is having the emphasis, including his belief that the “scientific theory of evolution is not incompatible with our Christian biblical faith.”

“The attack on evolution by the religious right falsely pits science against religion,” Bethune wrote in an e-mail to “Essentially the two are not incompatible, but ask different questions and have different ways of seeking truth.”

“The senseless controversy over the theory of evolution further divides and discredits the church,” Bethune added. “Religious leaders need to raise their voices to oppose those who wish to exploit controversy to the detriment of the church, the society, and the scientific education and inquiry through which God has brought our world many healing gifts.”

No surprise, really, as these are congregations of the liberal American Baptist Church.