Maciel Reaction Update

The LC affiliated Zenit news agency has the LC spokesman, Jim Fair, actually using the word “apology.’

We are pained and grieved for any offenses that Father Maciel’s actions have inflicted on the Church and her members. We apologize for the scandal this has caused.

But Fr. Paolo Scarafoni is still refusing to acknowledge any specifics:

We cannot deny the existence of these facts but we can’t go into detail because we have to respect the privacy of people involved.

Religious News Service says Scarafoni ruled out individual apologies to victims or any compensation:

He said the Legion had no plans to apologize to any alleged abuse victims or offer them pastoral care. “They have surely found a way by now to receive adequate care,” he said.

Exlcblog points us to this and reminds us that the LC “charism” is said to be “charity.”