The Pope’s Problem

The pope’s problem is now magnified. The matter of the SSPX is not just a matter of healing an internal schism, as he imagined. His loving outreach to this hateful, thoroughly antisemitic group, which clings to the core values of intolerance that the Roman Catholic church displayed throughout its 1260 years of domination, has now gotten the world’s attention. It isn’t just theologians or even journalists who are asking what is going on–now world leaders are demanding answers. German chancellor Angela Merkel asks this son of the Vaterland to give a better explanation. “This should not be allowed to pass without consequences.”

Update: The Vatican has clarified the situation, but Vatican bureaucrats are fuming at Merkel, according to Deutsche-Welle.

Inside the Vatican, however, there is reportedly anger at Merkel’s involvement in an internal church appointment that was originally an attempt by the pope to heal a rift within the Catholic Church.

Georg Brunnhuber, of the CDU, spoke in person to the pope Wednesday.

“People in the Vatican are downright appalled at the discussion in Germany,” he told daily Financial Times Deutschland. This has given the impression, he added, “that all anti-Catholic resentments slumbering in Germany are now rising to the surface.”

Here we see the double standard in the Catholic approach to church/state relations. Prelates feel obligated to talk harshly to politicians, but they don’t like it when they are on the receiving end.

2 thoughts on “The Pope’s Problem

    • How is what she said “incompetent”? Germans, in the light of their ugly history–centuries of antisemitism that culminated in their cooperation in murdering 6,000,000 Jews, certainly have an obligation to hold each other accountable. And the NPR article notes that some German bishops have voiced the same concerns. What her critics need to do is demonstrate how the pope and his minions could have been ignorant of the antisemitism of the SSPX, that has been flagrant and not hidden for decades.

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