HMNS: The Birth of Christianity

I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science today to view the special exhibit, “The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story.” It’s an interesting exhibit of artifacts from Hasmonean palaces and Masada, coins, a piece of the cornice of the temple enclosure, ossuaries, and ancient Biblical manuscripts. The timeline makes the silly mistake of saying Jesus was born in the year “0” (there is a year “0” in the BCE/CE scale adopted by the exhibit, unlike the BC/AD scale, but I know of no scholar who says Jesus was born then). One particularly interesting item is an ossuary that held the bones of Alexander, the son of Simon of Cyrene. Skip the introductory film by Matthias Henze, it doesn’t really add anything to the exhibit (and watch yourself when you enter the dark theater that you don’t trip over the corner of the bench).