Corson on Arthur and Teresa Beem

Ron Corson reviews Arthur and Teresa Beem’s book against Adventism (Part One, Part Two, Part Three), documenting a lot of sloppiness. Teresa dismisses all his solid criticisms by saying, “What I am reading of your complaints against the book are legitimate if the book was written to convince a loyal Adventist reader.” No, his criticisms are that you need to accurately footnote your sources and accurately represent what they say.  As Ron says, “if a book says it is giving us the untold history I want that history to be accurate and not be simply an untold history because it never really happened.”

For example, the Beems falsely assert Ellen White claimed to be verbally inspired. Corson replies,

So here we see something of amazing importance claimed with not a single footnote or quote to back it up. There is no case even in her insistence upon it all being from God that that she indicates every word was from God. That is pretty much a claim to verbal inspiration. Certainly something that some Adventist did believe just as some Christians believe it for the Bible but it is not that easy to pin such an idea as directly from Ellen White. Again in an objective book make the case, use the quotes and draw your conclusions.

Ron Corson is by no means a conservative Seventh-day Adventist. He promotes serious theological errors, such as denying the substitutionary nature of the atonement. But he is on solid ground in this criticism of the weakness of this attack on Adventism, which appears to be rooted more in emotion than in fact.

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  1. Mr. Cork.

    I would love to send you a copy of our book. Much of what Ron Corson said about the sourcing just doesn’t make any sense to me. Much of the criticism we have received from publishers and those in the publishing field is that the books is too tediously oversourced. Many of the instances where Ron claims there is not a source has ALREADY been sourced earlier or will be sourced as he reads. I didn’t want to footnote every sentence.

    Also I found Ron wanting me to source my opinion, but again, in most publishing situations people don’t source opinions. We had almost two dozen copy editors and people who volunteered to help do “checks” on the book (many were SDA) who said the book was copiously documented–even when they disagreed with my conclusions.

    If you have yet to read the book, I would be most happy to send you one. I think you will see that Ron overstated our lack of thoroughness.
    In Christ,
    Teresa Beem

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