Time Warp

Article about the first Tridentine mass to be offered in Altoona. I wonder if this is what will be done in other dioceses–offer the Tridentine mass as if the liturgical reforms of the 20th century, in the decades prior to Vatican 2, had never happened. That’s what’s happening in this place. Only the altar server responds, everyone else is quiet. Or the choir sings over top of their responses. This is totally contrary to even what was being promoted in liturgical circles well in advance of VC2, encouraging the laity to sing along with the choir, and to join in the responses. That’s how it’s done at Annunciation church in Houston.

So here’s the question–if they’re going to ignore a century of liturgical progress, why should we surprised that many of those attracted to this piety also want to ignore decades of progress in Jewish-Christian relations?