On Keeping the Sabbath

EthicsDaily has an article about “The Ethics of Working on Sunday.” It tells the story of a group of church members who went into a restaurant after their Sunday evening service and told the waitress they wouldn’t be giving her a tip because she was working on Sunday. Another waitress said, “We wouldn’t be working on Sunday if so many of you didn’t come here on Sunday.”

It reminded me of Jared Wright‘s article about the long lines at the Souplantation (Sweet Tomatoes) near Loma Linda on a Sabbath after church. He rightly observes there’s a matter of justice involved. The Sabbath commandment is not about you taking it easy–it specifies that you, your servants, and your animals should all rest.

Lots of people seem to think resting means they go out to eat–not thinking that this requires others to work to satisfy their needs. If your “rest” requires someone else to work, you’re not keeping the Sabbath.

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