Labor Unrest in Europe … Will It Spread?

Massive labor demonstrations across France and Germany. Of course these are not spontaneous. Will they spread here? If unions stir workers up and cause unrest, they might. Here’s a place to keep an eye on–International A.N.S.W.E.R. These are the radicals behind the anti-war protests. They don’t like violence or racism or war … that’s why…


David Broder, Blagojevich’s toll on Illinois is no joke. Update: It’s over. 59-0. Other commentary: Richard Roeper, Blagojevich’s sad denial tour ends predictably John Nicholds: Blago Removed–After Mounting a (Really) Lame Defense.

Penn Jillette on Witnessing

Penn Jillette reflects on an incident when someone gave him a Bible after a show. He’s an atheist–but he respects this guy as “a very, very, very good man.” He says if you are going to believe, you need to witness to be consistent.

Arthur Waskow v. Benedict XVI

Spectrum, a publication of liberal Seventh-day Adventists, gives space on its webpage to a commentary by Rabbi Arthur Waskow on Benedict XVI’s lifting of the excommunication of the SSPX bishops. It’s unpleasant reading. Waskow slams the pope for “pissing on our confreres in Islam” and for being the “enemy of liberation theology” which he opines…

On Keeping the Sabbath

EthicsDaily has an article about “The Ethics of Working on Sunday.” It tells the story of a group of church members who went into a restaurant after their Sunday evening service and told the waitress they wouldn’t be giving her a tip because she was working on Sunday. Another waitress said, “We wouldn’t be working…