Religion in Daily Life

Some people think it is important, some don’t.  Gallup survey maps the US as to how people answered the question.

The least religious states are in New England and the west:  VT, NH, ME, MA, AK, WA, OR, RI, NV, CT.

Most religious? MS, AL, SC, TN, LA, AR, GA, NC, OK, KY, TX.

Map looks an awful lot like the red/blue political map.

Update: Shawn Brace posted some theories back in November about why New England might be so secular.

4 thoughts on “Religion in Daily Life

  1. Unfortunately (or is it? Constitutional experts weigh in here) religious affiliation is no longer asked in census forms. If you are willing to pay $15 you can get a comprehensive breakdown of religion from the Glenmary research centre. It is interesting that Alaska is listed among the least religious. At least from the point that the map largely corresponds with the election map.

    • This wasn’t asking religious affiliation. Those surveys show New England, for instance, as overwhelmingly Catholic. This was just whether religion is important in daily life, regardless of what label you may wear. How do you think the Irish would respond?

  2. A lot less relevant than 25 years ago thats for sure but still considerably higher than the rest of Western Europe. Is the response of “Catholic” New England a consequence of urbanization, scandals or are there other suggestions?

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