3 thoughts on “Judaism and Vegetarianism

  1. I’ll have to double check on this, but I think a strict adherence to Torah in the age when Paschal sacrifices took place made being a total vegetarian an impossibility. I believe each Jew was required to partake of the Passover sacrifice, even if the portion were as small as an olive-sized piece.

  2. I don’t think you catch my drift. Rabbi Federow is also referring to what was permissible in the time of Adam and Eve, and subsequently, Noah. I think it’s interesting that within the space of time encompassed by the Torah, the restriction went from no meat allowed (enforced vegetarianism), to meat permitted (vegetarianism optional), to–after the giving of Torah at Sinai, applicable to Jews, not Gentiles–must have one olive-portion (not allowed to be a vegetarian a full 365 days a year).

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