Vatican and SSPX to Reconcile?

More rumors are floating around predicting imminent reconciliation between the Vatican and the SSPX.

But this leaves many questions unanswered. As Rocco Palmo notes,

best known for its adherence to the pre-Conciliar Missal or Tridentine Mass, the SSPX has, over time, objected to the Council’s teachings on religious freedom, the nature of the church, ecumenical dialogue and Nostra Aetate‘s reboot of the church’s stance toward Judaism.

I don’t know what he means by that quirky expression, “over time”–what he lists are the substantive criticisms the SSPX has made of Vatican 2. And how can Rome reconcile without addressing them–especially the horrendous antisemitism of this group (about which I’ve written many times)?

Case in point: Bishop Williamson, who is now spouting Holocaust denial. And no one in the SSPX is telling him to shut up.

2 thoughts on “Vatican and SSPX to Reconcile?

  1. The guys over at Holy Whapping are commenting on the reconciliation as well, and as the main post points out, simply lifting the excommunication does not in and of itself effect a full communion with the SSPX, just as it didn’t when the Ecumenical Patriarch and Pope Paul VI lifted the mutual excommunications back in the 1960s. Communion is both doctrinal and juridical.

    That said, I agree with you about the problems regarding Williamson and the general anti-Semitism of the SSPX. What a kook.

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