2 thoughts on “Inclusivity, Huh?

  1. How could you not be prepared for this event? How could you not know that people had come from all over the country to participate and make an extra effort to see that their tickets were honored? From bailout to a ticketed historical event Washington cannot get the job done. It is time to stream line the Federal government and switch the running of the country to the states. That way we can break up the problems and get this country running again. One thing at the top of the list is to change the constitution and eliminate lobbyist from the Federal government and make them go through the state ballot system if they want something. This is just an example of course but the idea is to cut this unmanageable mess down to size and redistribute the power. Too much is being ignored as well as too many lobbyists involved with our elected officials. Did any of the power brokers not get seated? I don’t think so. – raycar – San Jose, CA

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