UST Goes New Age

The University of St. Thomas in Houston once had a reputation for Catholic orthodoxy. The School of Theology had its flaky elements, but the main campus faculty were solid. That was under the presidency of the Rev. J. Michael Miller, CSB (who went on to be named an archbishop, secretary for the Congregation for Christian Education at the Vatican, and now, Archbishop of Vancouver). Things started to go downhill immediately. First sign was a labyrinth constructed next to the chapel. Now, the university is hosting a “spirituality” conference together with the local Jung Center. Google some of the names on the schedule and you’ll find out more.

Is Jungianism compatible with Christianity? I think not, and would direct you to the works of Richard Noll. On the labyrinth, see this article by Lee Penn.

4 thoughts on “UST Goes New Age

  1. *Sigh…*

    Seems like when one thing gets better (St Mary’s Seminary, for example) other things get worse.

    Have you ever met Fr. Mitch? Great priest. My friends back home go hunting with him…I’ve served a few Masses for him and had a couple dinners together. If you ever get the chance, ask him about gays in the priesthood and how he handled it as the Jesuit superior in Chicago back in the ’70s.

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