Georgetown Prof: Hard Truths about Gaza

Robert J. Lieber in the Washington Post: Hard Truths about the Conflict.

Summarized by Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News:

1. Israel’s airstrikes have been precisely aimed at Hamas fighters. Reportedly 80 percent of those killed are Hamas members, not civilians. Israel is trying to kill fighters; Hamas is trying to kill civilians. There’s a vast difference.

2. Cycle of violence? No. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 to give the Palestinians a chance to set up their own government. They chose Hamas to rule them. Then the rocket attacks from Gaza started. Israel is defending itself from rockets that could target 700,000 of its people.

3. Israel wants to reach a two-state solution so Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace side by side. Hamas wants to destroy Israel and any Palestinians who want to make peace with Israel.

4. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is impossible as long as Hamas is a player. this is why Arab states are not taking Hamas’s side.