Some Palestinians Cheering on Israel

From the Catholic News Service:

“The situation is very bad. Hamas is all over the place and it is very dangerous,” said a source whose teenage son had remained alone in Gaza with cousins. He said Hamas institutions and installations were scattered throughout Gaza among residential and business areas.

He said he hopes Israel “kills” Hamas.

“I want to live in peace and Hamas is always causing problems. I want the borders to open and for things to be normal,” he said, noting that he was finally feeling the freedom of peace in the West Bank.

“I think 100 percent of the people in Gaza feel the same way but they are just afraid to say it. Hamas doesn’t like their fellow Muslims so you can imagine what it is like for Christians. Now I am worried about my family in Gaza but at the same time I am happy here,” he said.

He said Muslims harassed Christian men who visibly wore gold chains with crosses around their neck, calling them “women.”

And this from another direction, noting that some in the Palestinian Fatah faction are also hoping that Hamas gets destroyed.

One thought on “Some Palestinians Cheering on Israel

  1. I did see some reports on how Hamas were taking potshots at Egyptian military. I wonder is the support for Hamas in the West really an anti-Semitic issue or is it a left-wing issue?
    Syria, Jordan, Egypt et al have no love for Israel and there will be anti-Israeli posturing for sure, but if Israel crushes the extremists will her neighbors give a sigh of relief?

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