There and Back Again

We got home last night after a weeklong trip to visit my parents in Florida for Christmas. Some things along the way …

  • On Christmas Day, went canoeing with my father and son in the mangrove tunnels of the Terra Ceia Preserve. As we were turning sharply into a tunnel, I grabbed at some branches in my face and in the process managed to tip the canoe over. My father and I took it philosophically–my son, however, was stunned. I told him he should be glad it was in two feet of water one foot two feet from shore–and that the alligator we had seen was not there.
  • Went with my parents to Ringling Museum in Sarasota.
  • Visited the Palmetto Seventh-day Adventist Church–the oldest in Florida.
  • Bummed around New Orleans on the way.
  • My wife and I took off for a day and a night by ourselves at the Tradewinds Resort in St. Petersburg (thanks to a very good deal on Hotwire).
  • Had lunch with my Great-Uncle Jack.
  • Hiked around the Florida Panther NWR.