The Right of Self Defense

The usual liberal groups are protesting Israel’s military action in Gaza. “Hundreds” marched in Houston’s Galleria area yesterday, according to the Houston Chronicle. The World Council of Churches demands that “the violence against Gaza” must stop.

They conveniently fail to note something important. This “violence” is Israel’s reaction to Hamas’ breaking of the peace. Hamas started lobbing rockets and missles into civilian areas of Israel. The ADL is correct: Israel had no choice in the face of the breaking of the peace by Hamas. It had to react.  It is also correct to note the hypocrisy of the UN, which attempts to equate Arab terrorism with the legitimate response of a government to terrorism.

But the defenders of terrorism are one-sided, blinded by antisemitism. They simply want Israel to disappear, commit suicide (as Rod Dreher notes), or be destroyed. The defenders of the terrorists say they simply want peace, and an equitable solution to the plight of the Palestinians, but their consistently one-sided condemnation of Israel reveals the truth. Read the Arab media, and the antisemitic agenda is clear (including publishing and dramatizing such historic anti-Jewish garbage as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).

Speak up for truth. Don’t let antisemitic lies go unchallenged. Don’t let the purveyors of hate think that they can continue to spread the lies that led to the murder of 6,000,000 Jews in the Holocaust. As Hanukkah ends, do your part to ensure that the light continues to shine.

As a Hanukkah gift to my Jewish friends and my relatives of Jewish descent, I have joined the Simon Wiesenthal Center and have given a gift to the Anti-Defamation League. I invite you to do the same.

2 thoughts on “The Right of Self Defense

  1. Bill, to say that those of us “liberals” who want the violence to stop are motivated by antisemitism is just plain irresponsible. Every appeal I’ve read from the so-called liberals (or maybe they’re moderates) recognize that terroism is terrorism. Violence is violence. Both sides must stop! But violence just begets more violence. It is not true to say that Israel has no choice.

    We need to stand up for the safety and security of the Jewish people and Israel. But we must also stand for the safety and security of the Palestinians. What you have written here is painfully one sided.

    • I haven’t seen anything you’ve written or said on the subject, so I wasn’t replying to you.

      But all you have to show me to convince me of your even-handedness is where you condemned the 2000+ rockets that had been launched by Hamas before Israel responded.

      All violence is not equal. A nation has a moral obligation to protect its citizens. Self-defense is not terrorism. Self-defense by a nation is not the same as a terrorist organization lobbing rockets into homes and schools.

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