Kudos to Harris County Sheriff-Elect

I voted for the right man for sheriff. Adrian Garcia hasn’t taken office yet, but he’s showing that he is indeed bringing the right sort of change to the office of Harris County Sheriff.

The day before Thanksgiving, deputies reportedly terrorized a family of Sikhs when they responded to the call that their home had been burglarized. Current Sheriff Tommy Thomas has said nothing. He has not named those involved. He has not met with the family or the outraged Sikh community.

Sheriff-elect Adrian Garcia has met with the family, however. He has visited the Gurdwara. He promises a full investigation. He promises that the Sheriff’s Department will get diversity training–something HPD gets but the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “Kudos to Harris County Sheriff-Elect

  1. You fail to mention in your post what actually occurred that instigated the investigation. The deputy arrived at the scene and one of the complaintants was wearing a knife. A female was wearing a knife. I understand that it might have been a ceremonial knife worn in accordance with their beliefs. However, the deputy felt that his safety was in danger, did draw his gun, and asked for back-up. Sorry, but I do believe that is protocol regardless of any agency, when a deputy is faced with someone that is armed with a weapon. Just because it’s ceremonial doesn’t mean that the wearer won’t use it. When so many law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty each year, it’s better to err on the side of caution, rather than tolerance. Also, there is no way to train peace officers on every variance of every culture to ensure they do not offend someone. People are just too sensitive these days.

    • This was her home. She was wearing a kirpan–which is legal in your home, in the workplace, any place, in fact. And for a deputy to draw a gun and feel in danger shows 1) his stupidity and 2) his ignorance. Such a deputy is a menace to public safety, not someone who should be protecting public safety.

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