Msgr. Dale Fushek, former pastor of St. Timothy Catholic church in Mesa, AZ, founder of the LifeTeen program, accused of sexual abuse of minors, has been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Not for his abuse of minors, but because he founded an independent Praise and Worship Center.

Also excommunicated, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM, for advocating the ordination of women.

Very telling as to the priorities of the Catholic Church.

3 thoughts on “Excommunicated

  1. Yes, it is very telling of the theology of the Catholic Church. And it’s midevil (I can never spell this word) ways of dealing with wayward priests.

    It will be interesting to see the results of the criminal charges against Fushek. I haven’t followed them too closely.

    Somehow I doubt whether these priests really care whether they are excommunicated. They were certainly warned beforehand and did nothing to come back “to the fold”.

    • Take it up with Jesus. Church discipline is his command. And it is obligatory, especially when it is a case of shepherds preying upon sheep. Read Matt 18.

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