More on Walter Veith

Pr. Jan McKenzie has a good post today on conspiracy buff Walter Veith.

One of Veith’s ardent disciples is continuing to express his unhappiness with my documentation of some of Veith’s errors. Today he has a post arguing that since I went to Gettysburg Seminary, which, sometime later, was headed by Michael Cooper-White, who supposedly is pro-homosexual, I must have a Jesuit gay agenda (as, he suggests, does Clifford Goldstein). That’s kind of ante hoc ergo propter hoc, don’t you think? I’m still fuzzy on how the Jesuits were to have influenced the Lutherans.

I’m assuming he never read my article critiquing the first ELCA study document on homosexuality. I’m assuming he hasn’t read much by Goldstein, either.

2 thoughts on “More on Walter Veith

  1. Thanks for the mention, Bill. If you followed the link in my recent post, I, like you, share a certain fan base, though I am only considered a heterosexual child of the devil.

  2. Wow. If you actually follow the links of the Goldstein comment about homosexuality, you would find that his comments were clearly sarcastic, since he is clearly against homosexual unions earlier in the thread. This stuff is ridiculous.

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