Let It Snow

It snowed for the second time in our ten years in Texas today. First time was Christmas eve maybe three or four years ago. Today, snow was falling from Bryan to Houston, with about three inches on the ground in College Station (where I stopped to have supper with my son on the trip home from SWAU).

It was nearly 80 on Monday. Snow today. Welcome to Texas.

2 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. It last snowed Christmas 2004, to be exact.

    Also, yesterday was the first day I can remember that it was warmer in Boston than it was in Texas. We had some warm wind blow in from the SW, making it around 60º over here.

    Consider yourself lucky: before 2004, the last time it snowed in Houston was over 25 years prior, and in McAllen, it was 109 years.

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