“A little bit more on that…thing…in Newsweek”

Carl Olson has more to say about the cover story in Newsweek.

Really, what do you call itthat thing featured on the cover of the December 15, 2008, issue of Newsweek? It’s not journalism. It’s not news. It’s not coherent, logical, well-argued, or well-written.

Honestly, it reads like an essay tossed off by a partially-drunk, angry, sexually-confused sixteen-year-old who thinks Oprah is an intellectual giant and traditional Christianity is responsible for every ill in the world. Yet, the Newsweek blog claims that Miller “lays out the religious case for gay marriage”—in which case it appears there is no religious case for “gay marriage” other than “it’s on its way, so you religious bigots need to accept it.”

I’ve already addressed some of this, as you likely know, in a previous post. What I missed was Newsweek editor Jon Meacham’s appalling and insulting editorial about Miller’s article, which nearly accomplished the nigh impossible task of making Miller’s piece sound reasoned and mature(.)

I didn’t need to write as much as Carl or many others. What I wrote was short, to the point, and sent to Newsweek: “End my subscription.”

The article was just so horrendously sloppy. She claims to survey all the Bible says about marriage, and says it doesn’t really say that much. “First, while the Bible and Jesus say many important things about love and family, neither explicitly defines marriage as between one man and one woman.” Huh? Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:24)? Irrelevant, she claims, in the light of Abraham’s dalliances with his servants and the fact Jesus isn’t interested in the subject. Huh? What about Matt. 19:4-5? Mark 10:6-12? As to her claim that Paul had nothing to say about the subject, see Eph. 5:21-33, Hebrews 13:4 (some of us still accept Pauline authorship). It isn’t that hard to find what the Bible says about marriage … you just have to look. She didn’t.

Having gratuitously ignored the Bible’s teaching about marriage, she then says, “Religious objections to gay marriage are rooted not in the Bible at all, then, but in custom and tradition….”  Well. No use mentioning those condemnations about men lying with men, burning in lust (oh, it doesn’t mean that, she says), etc.

“All you need is love,” she says. Such depth. Such powerful argumentation. Such a convincing review of Jewish and Christian history and theology.

And Newsweek smirks, “We knew you wouldn’t like it.”

One thought on ““A little bit more on that…thing…in Newsweek”

  1. Too many people point to the bad examples in the Bible and try to maintain that these examples are normative and prescriptive. They neglect the fact that none of the biblical writers ever condone the actions of the individuals in their stories. It’s not as if Moses said, “And Abraham had two wives. Go and do likewise.” The stories are simply descriptive case studies of what took place, not a condoning of the behavior that such individuals modeled.

    There are plenty of clear “commandments” in the Bible that condemn the behavior that is described (and allegedly condoned). Yet people such as Miller very selectively choose what they want to allow as permissible evidence – either that or they do gymnastics to try to explain away the clear prescriptive parts of scripture.

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