The Catholic Church and the Law

Cardinal DiNardo  is using his red hat as a megaphone, and calling attention to his favorite causes. But they are troubling.

He wants to reward those who broke the US law and infiltrated the country, treating them more favorably than those who followed the law patiently. He was speaking at an event sponsored by the Alinsky-ite activist organization, TMO (The Metropolitan Organization).

And he led (actually followed, in a van) a protest march in Huntsville, TX, from an abortion mill to the state prison, protesting both abortion and capital punishment, linking them as if they were the same thing. He is apparently unable to distinguish between the killing of the innocent for convenience and the execution of the guilty as a matter of justice. He forgets the latter was established by God (Genesis 9:5), who is reserving his final act of capital punishment for the last day (Revelation 20:12-15).

Meanwhile, a court has ruled that the Catholic Church is not above the law, not even its highest level. The US Court of Appeals in Cincinnati has ruled that plaintiffs in a sex abuse case can name the Vatican as a defendent for its negligence. The Vatican had argued that it is a sovereign nation, and immune from US civil law. That theory of immunity was quashed long ago, as when it was ruled that victims of Pan Am 103 could sue Libya. They were successful (though Libya didn’t stop fighting the judgment until just last month). Even if the Vatican evades earthly justice in this matter, there remains that final judgment ….