Tony Jones: Gay OK

Tony Jones, national coordinator of Emergent Village, says gay relationships are OK and should be blessed by the church. Another sign that much that is known as “emergent” isn’t new, or postmodern, but is simply plain old fashioned liberal Protestantism.

One thought on “Tony Jones: Gay OK

  1. I just found out that a couple of my friends here used to be in a youth group that Tony led out in when he was at Dartmouth. I have also interacted with a few of his former teachers.

    These same friends of mine were intrigued to find out that a very influential “emergent” was Seventh-day Adventist. I have not studied the “movement” enough to speak intelligently on it, but my concern is not so much what they affirm, but what they (appear) to deny. I will be tackling “Everything Must Change” sometime in the next few months, but I’m not terribly optimistic.

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