No Greater Glory

One of the highlights of fall in Houston is the Jewish Book Fair. I was out of town for most of it, but managed to stop by one day last week. I picked up just two books. One of them I found on the sale table for half price: Dan Kurzman, No Greater Glory: The Four Immortal Chaplains and the Sinking of the Dorchester in World War II. Every chaplain (and lots of non chaplains) knows the story of the four chaplains aborn the troop ship, Dorchester, torpedoed off Greenland by a German U-boat. John Washington (Catholic), Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed), Alexander Goode (Jewish) and George Fox (Methodist), helped many soldiers and sailors get off the sinking ship, giving up their own life jackets, and ending their lives in a circle of prayer on the keel of the ship as it slipped beneath the icy waves. This is a powerful telling of the story. See also the webpage The Immortal Chaplains.