Going Home

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport looking out at the lights of the city. The incessant ringing of slot machines throughout the airport is just a reminder of why I’ve always passed quickly through this town.

I had a very nice visit last night with Marv and Lynn Nordhagen. I’ve known Lynn eleven years on-line, and I assisted her a little with her book, When Only One Converts, but we’ve only had a couple of phone conversations and one video chat in those 11 years. I got a tour of Gonzaga, and its shrine to St. Bing, and the neighborhood she grew up in. It was rainy, so we couldn’t enjoy the outdoors as much as we might have liked. And we had a nice dinner last night with Gonzaga law prof Davd DeWolf, and his wife, Priscilla, also WOOC contributors. This morning, we drove over to Priest River, Idaho, so I was able to add three states to my Facebook “Where I’ve Been Map” on this trip (along with Oregon, thanks to a stop in Portland on the way up).

More another time about my class with George Knight at Walla Walla.

2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Are you still sitting in the airport or are you home?
    Hope you had an inspiring week!
    How did you manage to get to Portland from eastern Washington? Mt. Hood is quite spectacular.

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