Election Night in a College Town

Twenty minutes after John McCain conceded, I was in the Starbucks in downtown Walla Walla. It was crowded with young adults, most of whom were discussing things other than politics. Those that were discussing the election were saying things like, “I voted for Nader.”

As for me, the only candidate I was passionately for was Ron Paul, the only consistent pro-life, pro-Constitution candidate. After he dropped out, it was a matter of voting against a candidate whose ideas and associations are antithetical to my own political beliefs. Now … we will see what becomes of our nation and our beloved liberties.

2 thoughts on “Election Night in a College Town

  1. Ron Pauls people should have voted for Bob Barr. I did.

    I also voted for another third party candidate down the ticket. It was Wes Upchurch, for Missouri’s Secretary of State.

    Next election everyone should do the same. We need people who are libertarians and Ron Paul republicans in office.

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