The Good News of the Judgment

In a recent book, Dan Kimball surveys the attitudes of non-Christians towards Christianity and finds, They Like Jesus, but Not the Church. What do they like about Jesus? Alicia, a 24 years old biologist, says, “Jesus, to me, is an all-loving, perfect, prophetic person.” Duggan, a 30 year old coffee shop manager says, “Jesus was…


I rarely play along with blog memes, but Irish Elk got me thinking (btw, his blogspot theme is what I first used) … Ten Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago Left Santa Barbara. Moved to Houston. Started a new job as Director of Young Adult and Campus Ministry for the Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.…

Historic Adventist Voices on Abortion

It is sometimes imagined that abortion was a non-issue in earlier times. I was reading tonight in an old copy of John Harvey Kellogg’s book, Man the Masterpiece, recently purchased on eBay, and came a cross a very strong denunciation of abortion. This prompted me to do some quick research, and I came across references…

Neuhaus: We Are Two Nations

Richard John Neuhaus: We are two nations: one concentrated on rights and laws, the other on rights and wrongs; one radically individualistic and dedicated to the actualized self, the other communal and invoking the common good; one viewing law as the instrument of the will to power and license, the other affirming an objective moral…

Justice in Denver

Charges will be dropped against ABC producer Asa Eslocker, who was brutally and illegally arrested in Denver doing his job during the Democratic National Convention. Now they need to file charges against the police who did this to him.


Folks in Prince Georges County, MD, seem awfully thin-skinned. A business owner puts up a McCain sign, and they start making threats. And some speak of Republican anger? Of Republican threats?

John Paul 2 Stabbed by Priest

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz reveals that when Pope John Paul II went to Fatima on the anniversary of his shooting, he was stabbed by a Spanish priest, Juan Fernandez Krohn. That the priest had lunged at him was known–that he hit his target was never reported.

Contemporary Christian Music

Shawn Brace shares a video and asks, Can we all agree that this music is questionable? Meanwhile, a new book highlights 50 people who have messed up Britain (I’m paraphrasing). Among them, Graham Kendrick, author of “Shine, Jesus, Shine!” Quentin Letts is the author, and in a version in the Daily Mail explains: Happy-cr*ppy hymns…

Processed Meats and School Cafeterias

“Sixty percent of breakfasts offered at the Houston Independent School District contain processed meats, according to the Cancer Project,” reports the Houston Press, and they want that changed. “Just as tobacco causes lung cancer, processed meats are linked to colon cancer,” said Neal Barnard, M.D., president of the Cancer Project, in a release. “With 58…

Episcopalian Battle of Wounded Knee

Bishop Creighton Robertson of South Dakota has upset Indians on the Pine Ridge reservation with his announcement that he is closing many of their churches. His letter announcing this wasn’t provided to them until a month after he wrote it. Their certified letter to him asking questions about this was rejected. Affected clergy have been…

Antisemitic Attack at Fort Benning

Drill sergeants harrassed Pvt. Michael Handman for wearing his yarmulke in the dining hall–then he was assaulted by a fellow soldier. One of the drill sergeants, recently returned from Germany, said he didn’t think calling a Jewish soldier “Juden” would be offensive. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ADL. The suspect hasn’t been charged, and was still bunking near…

Sweeping up after Ike

The last remains of Ike were taken away today … county trucks came for the tree branches and broken fences that have lined the street for nearly a month now. My poor grass will take that long to recover.

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Mary Ryan was raped by a Catholic priest in 1982. She was the only one of multiple plaintiffs who refused to settle it through mediation, demanding her day in court and the right to force the church to disclose what it knew and when. But court after court has refused. She’s appealing to the U.S.…

What Really Sank the Titanic

It turns out the iceberg didn’t sink the Titanic–construction shortcuts did. A secret report had documented this long ago, but it was released only after evidence was found on the ocean bottom that showed the same thing. The Titanic’s Last Secret, in Newsweek.

Six Astrodomes

That’s how much hurricane debris Houston and Harris County will be picking up–enough to fill six astrodomes. 12 million cubic yards. I’m eager for mine to pick up. I’d like to see my tree lawn again.