RIP Gwen Ashley

I was really shocked to read in the AUC alumni magazine that came in today’s mail that a good friend, Gwen Ashley, had died back in April. In these days of instantaneous communication, you wonder how something like this still happens. She had been a secretary at the Atlantic Union Conference and then was the president’s secretary at Atlantic Union College. For the last number of years, though, she lived in Maryland, and was secretary to the president of Adventist Risk Management. We had been out of touch for a number of years, but had gotten back in touch last year. I last heard from her on February 20.

She was a good friend at a critical time. I got to know her at the Village Church in S. Lancaster, where she was Sabbath School Superintendent. She got me into teaching Sabbath School, and, when I started causing trouble, she stayed a friend through thick and thin. When I was still living in the northeast I would be sure and see her on every visit to AUC. In 1996 I moved to California; in 1999 she left AUC, and then a letter she wrote criticizing the new AUC administration became public–she loved the school, and couldn’t stay silent. That was true when she defended anything–or anyone–she loved. She’ll be missed.

A tribute from ARM.