I rarely play along with blog memes, but Irish Elk got me thinking (btw, his blogspot theme is what I first used) …

Ten Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago

  1. Left Santa Barbara.
  2. Moved to Houston.
  3. Started a new job as Director of Young Adult and Campus Ministry for the Catholic Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
  4. Helped my wife find the closest Seventh-day Adventist church, which turned out to be Houston International.
  5. Enrolled my kids, then 6 and 9, in their new schools.
  6. Started to get to know Houston’s colleges and universities.
  7. First introductions to Houston’s interfaith community, as I was invited to be on the program committee for the last National Workshop on Jewish-Christian Relations.
  8. Finished my D.Min.
  9. Went to a new members night at St. Justin Martyr parish and walked out when they said, “Here’s where you get to tell us about yourself and your family: take the butcher block paper and the crayons and markers and draw us a picture.”
  10. First heard about the 1999 Congres Mondial Acadien in Louisiana, and began corresponding with some of the leaders of the Famille de LeBlanc.

Five Places I’ve Lived

  1. Mt. Carmel, CT.
  2. Terre Haute, IN.
  3. Rockford, IL.
  4. Gettysburg, PA.
  5. Northfield, VT.

Five Jobs I’ve Had

  1. Made furniture at Harris Pine Mills at BVA.
  2. Worked for a bicycle wholesaler, James A. O’Brien and Sons, in New Haven, CT.
  3. Writer.
  4. Army chaplain.
  5. College teacher.

Five Things On Today’s To-Do List

  1. Worship
  2. Rest
  3. Fellowship
  4. Eat
  5. Lead a seminar on discerning spiritual gifts

4 thoughts on “Memes

  1. Hi Bill,
    could you make a handout on the discerning spiritual gifts seminar available.

    Thank You & best

  2. Love the part in your day on ‘rest!’ What a noble desire for us on Sabbath, especially with our busy schedule. ; )

  3. Now, come on- we know the real reason you walked out of the St. Justin’s new member night. They didn’t give you cotton balls and pipe cleaners and the music wasn’t Kumbaya! Crayons just weren’t enough for you!!

  4. Hey, I remember all those things about your move to Houston. Especially when you walked out on the crayon wielding folks!

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