The Bible in Public Schools

Four members of the Texas Board of Education are urging school districts to adopt the program of the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. Objections are kind of vague in the article, but if you go to the webpage of the Texas Freedom Network, you’ll find documentation of the problems found by this group. I disagree with much that the TFN stands for … but they have some good points here. The proposed curriculum, if adopted, would have public schools promoting a particular version of Protestant Christianity, and would be a gross violation of the first amendment.

2 thoughts on “The Bible in Public Schools

  1. The real soure of this comes from goverment education. For decades in this country schools indoctrinated in a vauge Protestent faith. Anti-Catholicism was woven into the texts.

    I grew up long after the schools had become secular but I still breathed this anti-Catholocism that remained in my textbooks as an unrecognized bias. “The Dark Ages” “The Age of Reason”, “Bloody Mary”, etc.

    Look, he who pays the piper picks the tune. When America was suficiently united in a vauge post-millenial Protestantism that was what the schools pretty much taught. Now they are run by secular Humanists (contradiction in terms) and that is what is taught.

    Even IF the Evangelicals start the “Next Great Awakening” and America demands Christianity in schools it will be THEIR version. Orthodox, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventists will see their children taught against their own faith.

    I love my Evangelical brothers but we need to get OUT ofthe Egypt of Goverment schools, not try to take them over.

  2. And that’s why Catholics, and Adventists, and Missouri Synod Lutherans, and others have always preferred to establish their own schools.

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