Silenced at the Shrine

Phil Lawler was to have a book-signing at the bookstore at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, promoting his book, The Faithful Departed, about the Boston locus of the sexual abuse crisis.

One morning this June, Monsignor Walter R. Rossi, rector of the shrine, walked into the bookstore. It was about two weeks before Mr. Lawler was slated to have a book-signing there. After thumbing through a copy of the book, the monsignor ordered it out of the store.

Rossi said this is a subject that the pope wants no more discussion of.

“Benedict over and over again said it’s time to move on,” the monsignor said of the sex-abuse scandal.

Diogenes has searched the transcripts of the comments by the pope, and he can’t seem to find that. He can find comments of the pope saying he was “deeply ashamed,” and that it was “badly handled.”

If the sex-abuse crisis was shameful, and if it was badly handled–and who would deny either fact?–then true reconciliation would entail a careful examination of that inept handling, and a determination to root out the problem. Then maybe it would be appropriate to “move on.”

A blog post from July, citing an article that had appeared in The Wanderer.